Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We're buying a house. Yes - thats right.... as if we are not stressed enough :)))

the front
our whole yard including the separate garage.
Greg refers to the second garage as the 'man cave'... i roll my eyes.
our whole yard from the porch
the back of the house
quick facts-
2 car attached garage.
1 separate 'working' garage.
3 acres.
3 bedroom.
2 bath.
fenced in back yard.
half finished basement that needs love.

current status -
The offer has been accepted.
Home inspection - competed.
now we wait.


jennifersadler said...

YAYYAAY!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! So many big things happening :) I'm excited for you - have fun decorating!

Kristen said...

I love it!!! Can't wait to see the inside:) You'll have to take me on a tour once you get the keys!!!!!

KNB said...

OMG! Daisy! I'm so excited. Where is the house located? What decorating themes have you come up with? Eeee!