Thursday, January 31, 2008

getting it done.

Wish us luck on a productive weekend (my mom and I). We are heading up north with hopes of booking a florist and baker. The Homestead is actually having there own bridal show that we will be attending, this will be my first. I set up meetings with 3 very different florists...

1 - A woman who works our of her home and is exclusive to weddings.
Marl Courtney Wood

2 - A local florist shop.
Premier Florist

3 - A flower farm that grows their own flowers.
Field of Flowers Farm

How did I choose these places?
Since we're planning from afar, websites and Google have been if for me. I have made very few calls and have planned most of my wedding on the internet. I hate making phone calls I would rather look at your website and email you - so, thats how I choose.

Wish us luck and we will keep you all posted.

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Tami said...


We love all things in and around Traverse City & Sutton's Bay. We were up there January 1&2 and drove through The Homestead.

I can't wait to see how it all comes together for you.

See you this weekend!