Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Dress

Last night I went to Septembers bride again. (Great store). There are 2 dresses there I really like, but I have my fingers crossed that the dresses I really really really like will be at their trunk show in February.
Until then...
It is difficult to decide when dress #1 fits you like a (tight) glove and dress #2 is too big.
Its hard to know if #2 will have any shape at all... ! sigh
I'm debating on whether to put links up here... so you know what I'm referring to. And obs greg, you can't click on them.
Anywho, I tried on my first bird cage veil - love it, and while I was reading the wedding bee blog this site was brought to my attention (Mary, you must share this with sarah)
fantastic veils
I love this picture... a bird cage / traditional combo! Then after the ceremony I can just wear the birdcage turned backwards (its soo cute in my head!)

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jennifersadler said...

Like I said, let me know if you need a 2nd opinion!!