Monday, September 17, 2007

the quest for the dress.


"Oh, you will know when you find it..." NOT true.
I love everything. But I'm never sure its 'the one'.
I do like dress shopping, but when is enough enough?
If i just pick a dress will i be setteling? This is hard, really hard.

"It's not about the dress"... yeah i know.

my brides, how did you choose?


Twiglet said...

Hi Daisy, it's Sarah. Amy sent me your page :)

Okay.. I haven't tried on very many dresses, but I feel the same way that you do.. sort of. I don't LOVE everything, but I don't know if I'll be able to tell which dress is "the one." So far, I haven't been a crier.. I get excited, but I have yet to get the emotional charge of "this is IT. I want THIS dress. It is THE ONE!"

I've also decided that once I do find the dress, I will not allow myself to look at wedding gowns until a month or so after my wedding. I just KNOW I will find something that could have been SO much better.

Hang in there.. just have fun!

pearls events said...

Hi Daisy, It's Aletha :)
I started trying on the "usual" dresses that everyone seemed to have: strapless, beaded on the top, beaded train, etc.

Then I was surfing and came across a beautiful lace jacket--which I could not get out of my mind. I then realized it was Monique Lhuillier and $1600! Well, I am WAY too Dutch for that, and knew my mom could sew it for she did. And all I had to find was a simple plain dress for underneath it.

It was still hard to find. I called every store and asked "Do you have a ultra plain dress with no adornment, no straps, no ANYTHING" and most of them said no. I ended up finding the perfect gown...AND it was only $230 through I bought the alencon lace for $150 and had a patternmaker make me a pattern so my mom could sew it. I added a 2.75" sash and a retro brooch and voila! Dream dress for Aletha

It turned out to be very inexpensive (under $500 total!) and I got some many compliments on what a "unique dress" it was. Exactly what I was going for!

Keep shopping--try on everything--do some internet browsing for something that you want to try on.

Good luck (and sorry this was so long!)