Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15 minutes of fame... i think

Our wedding will be published in Up North wedding magazine! It is scheduled to be published this December. I was told our photos will be used editorially for a 5-page feature. How fun!! I can't to get my hands on a copy!
Of course nothing is confirmed until i see it in print!


aletha :: pearls events said...

Love the new header and I cannot WAIT to see your photos in the magazine. Gotta get my hands on a hot copy as well...for the ole' portfolio. I know I didn't do TOO much at your wedding, but I was there :)

Bree said...

Congrats - that is so awesome!!! Let me know where I can buy one - would love to get my hands on a copy as well! :)

jennifersadler said...

how fun!!!