Thursday, June 19, 2008

exciting stuff...

I've got some catch up to do today with my blog.

1. Weeks ago I made some signs...
(this is me without any makeup and a crappy expression)
These signs turned out, but some did not. I missed spelled ceremony on a sign, oops. I'm not stupid i just see letter as shapes sometimes and things get missed :))))
2. I blogged about our first present awhile ago... here it is. I cannot even begin to tell you how exciting your first present is!

It was fantastic and perfect.
The highlight (other than presents and visiting with family and friends and fantastic food) was the collage 'game'. People were grouped together and had to make collages that they thought represented greg and it - I got to choose the winner. It was such a great game and was soooo fitting for me. Each collage is FANTASTIC and I can't wait to come up with a way to display them in the new house!

Me showing off the winner...
works in progress....
A Lovely center piece using my fantastic blue jars - nice work mom!

4. I had my first dress fitting and unveiling of the veil. I LOVE my veil almost as much as I LOVE my dress.

5. Invites are in the mail as of monday.

6. We have the house keys in hand and Greg is doing MAJOR yard work.

7. I think i found a hair style for the wedding !

8. We bought living room furniture.

9. Our wedding is 6 weeks from this saturday.

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Tami @ September's Bride said...

I pressed your veil this week - it is so gorgeous!