Monday, December 17, 2007

Greg - this ones for you!

Surfin the internet I came across a awesome ring idea for greg. I don't know what the corrent etiquet is for picking out rings for you soon - to -be husband ... is it a surprise or what?
Any who... this is the concept...
titanium with a wood inlay. I think it is sooo Greg - dont know if it will stand the test of time though.
see the etsy store it came from ---> HERE <---

Greg - what do you think?


greg said...

i like the darker wood. But i read it cant be submerged repeatedly in the could be a bad idea to have to take it off every time. maybe just best to go with regular titanium? Maybe with some black in it?

daisyjean said...

your right Greg. I don't read up on things or think about practicality, I just look at the pretty pictures :)

aletha @ pearls events said...

Even though they may not be too practical, they are gorgeous! Good find, Daisy :)