Friday, October 12, 2007

Engagment photos

we had them taken. It was so fun! Like most wedding 'activities' I've been doing, it makes me want to get hitched TOMORROW! Again, I recommend my photographer to everyone. Below is just a little taste of our sure to be fabulous photos....

the history and significance of where are pictures were taken...
Good ol' downtown Kalamazoo... specifically The Union - the location of our first date, aw...
Of course pixel was in a few pictures... she was refusing to look at the camera, but was totally up for giving Amy (our photog) kisses. Lucky I think she got a few good pictures :)

Any more wedding plans?
Not really just looking into some DJ's and planning our mini trip to the homestead next month.

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jennifersadler said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! I love AMy's work - and you two..or three...or just adorable :)

I think we need to do a double date PRONTO!

I love that we are grown up and still get along so well. I may not be as crazy as I used to be (thanks GOD!) but we'll have fun!!